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PT.Citra Media Grafika (Printing of Security Cards) is a form of development of PT. BYOC Utama Grafika Sekuriti (Printing Security Documents) which produces a Security Documents product and obtained an operational permit from BOTASUPAL (Counterfeit Money Eradication Coordination Agency) in 1989 under the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).

By following the development of current technology in order to expand the printing industry’s results, PT. BYOC Utama Grafika developed a high-tech card (Smart Card Manufacturer) printing product in PT.Citra Media Grafika.

PT. Citra Media Grafika, also known as CMG, is a card company (Smart Card) established with the aim of providing high quality, smart card processing payment services for banks throughout Indonesia and smart cards for telecommunications. Based on previous experience as a company engaged in Document Security (Security Printing) and support from several vendors who have experience in the field of printing the smart card industry, CMG has the added inherent advantage of a commercial sound basis, a focus on integrity, and also commitment persistent to uphold the interests of his clients. With a complete range of high-quality, flexible, and new technologies for payment card processing and support services, CMG is able to offer clients with the latest payment card products with confidence.

CMG offers a variety of card printing products such as: Contactless Cards, Banking Cards, RUIM Cards (Telco), Dual Intermediary Cards (dual interface cards) etc. For the concept of customized Product Development, with high quality materials, the production and sale of chip makers and information from high technology, environmentally friendly and thermoplastics with sophisticated and modern applications.